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MUSTO-KHIAR       Chopped cucumber, low-fat yogurt and dry mint.           MUSTO-MOOSEER    
Diced shallots in low-fat yogurt.          TAH DEEG       Crispy rice topped with Gormeh Sabzi or Ghaimmeh.        KASHKE-BUDEMJAN       Puree of golden fried eggplant and garlic with a touch of whey and mint.                  TORSHI       Chopped garden vegetables pickled in an apple cider vinegar.       SHIRAZI SALAD       A mixture of tomato, cucumber and onion with olive oil and lemon juice.       CHICKEN BARG KABOB     Marinated chicken breast strips.       CHICKEN KABOB       Marinated chicken breast pieces.  LAMB & BEEF           TENDERLOIN BARG KABOB     Juicy strips of tenderloin broiled beef.         LEAN GROUND BEEF KOOBIDEH KABOB       Two juicy strips of seasoned broiled ground beef mixed with onions.           LAMB KABOB       Four succulent broiled lamb chops marinated and seasoned.         LAMB SHANK       Broiled & simmered with tomato paste & spices.    SOLTANI BARG KABOB     A combination of tenderloin and ground beef.           SOLTANI CHICKEN     A combination of marinated chicken breast and ground beef.  STEWS           GHAIMEH BUDEMJAN     A savory medley of diced beef and yellow split peas lightly spiced in our special tomato sauce.           GHORMEH SABZI     A tasty combination of lean beef and chopped herbs simmered to perfection with red beans and spices.


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